Wattpad 5.8.0

A huge library of ebooks in your pocket


  • Large database of books
  • Lots of reading options
  • Auto scroll
  • Personalized library
  • Browse by language


  • Flicking through pages is uncomfortable
  • Takes a while to sift through the garbage

Very good

Wattpad is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you search for and read from a vast collection of self-published e-books.

If you've ever wondered about alternative methods of finding good reading material you wouldn't find in a local bookstore, Wattpad has you covered. The same goes for people who find themselves short on cash but itching to dive into an engrossing new read.

Wattpad offers ebooks written by both professional and aspiring authors. Similar to Goodreads, Wattpad's primary difference is it caters to self-published and aspiring authors as opposed to already established ones. The community feel is consequently a little different.

The Wattpad app allows you to browse through a variety of different novel genres and read finished and unfinished works. Wattpad also lets you review or comment on specific chapters and author's homepages, as well as become their fan and receive notifications whenever new updates are published on the site. It's a great way to connect with other readers and also interact with your favorite newly-discovered authors.

The app settings are also pretty useful. You can change the font size, type, and color to make your reading experience more enjoyable. There's even an evening mode setting for people who plan on reading in darker environments.

Unfortunately, you can't upload any of your own written works through the app. Instead, you need to visit Wattpad online instead.

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to find new reading material, give Wattpad a try.



Wattpad 5.8.0

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    This is only for people with iPhone 4 or 4s b/c if I try to go on it doesn'.
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